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What is Wishing Fountain (Casino) in Idle Heroes?
One equipment slots followers legion Chip gives you one spin.
Idle Heroes: Quick Casino Event Spending Tips.
If no deposit bonus codes netent casino you are lucky to new online casinos usa 2018 get some rare items, they will be shadowed and you will not be able to get them again before refreshing the Casino.
There are only a few ways to get the Super Chips: Buy in the Marketplace.Super Casino Spin doesnt count towards the Casino events.The higher your level is, the more rewards you get.2x 500x Event daily rewards.For every spin youll need one.You get a forced refresh after 24 hours from the last refresh.Pred rokom, idle Heroes - Casino Prizes :00 Vexento - Dream Catcher.

Idle Heroes 600 Casino Event Draws!
Before you do a lot of spins like during the Casino Event, it is strongly recommended to take a look at the amount of resources on the wheel.
List of heroes available on the Super Casino Wheel.
Every spin results in one event point.The only way to spin the Wishing Fountain is to use the Wishing Coins (Casino Chips).1 Super Chip 1 Spin.If you can do 10 spins at once for only 8 Chips, you will receive 100x Luck Coin.The amount of Gold/Spirit/Magic Dust on the wheel varies after each refresh.Price Items 500 1,200 3,000 6,800 8,000 10,000 12,000 What is (Super Wishing Fountain) Super Casino?Pred rokom, i didn't think it was possible, but today I got my first 5* hero draw using 580 chips and 38 super chips!Level, gold, spirit, magic Dust 01-40 10K 20K 30K 41-80 30K 60K 90K 10K 20K 60K K 160K 240K 30K 60K 90K K 200K 300K 50K 100K 150K K 250K 375K 50K 100K 150K Details for the other rewards will be updated very soon.Pred rokom, here are a few very quick tips on how to spend those casino chips to get the most bang for your buck!If your level is high enough, you can also get 4 Dark/Light Hero shards from the Casino Wheel as well, which are also valuable rewards you should pay attention.Super Chips will not count.It is located at the top right of the Casino screen.You get 1 point for every Casino spin.Earn experience, gold, and items offline while building a team of powerful heroes!They will help you complete the next Heroic Miracle Event a lot easier.