Maplestory how many character slots per world

MapleStory Link Skill Guide.
Basically, you need to create a deck of cards by combining 3 character cards to gain bonuses.
NPC Teo will begin briefing you about the quest and he will ask you to meet another NPC Muirhat to defeat some monsters, and later meet with Kyrin (Pirate Instructor at Nautilus) and Athena Pierce (Bowman Instructor at Henesys) and finally talk to Empress Cygnus.
Variables that start with a number are for you to change else don't touch.
Code: begin / Skill #1 while coordinate is (RGB 1_Skill1-R "1_Skill1-G "1_Skill1-B "1_Skill1-X "1_Skill1-Y begin ess keys 1 end / Skill #2 while coordinate is (RGB 2_Skill2-R "2_Skill2-G "2_Skill2-B "2_Skill2-X "2_Skill2-Y begin ess keys 2 end end 32Optional -Make Key presses even faster but slow.Take a screen shot of that and get the X and Y of a blue pixel that's around the "OK" button.Make sure "infinite" is checked under loops for each script.1_Skill1-X 1_Skill1-Y 2_Skill2-X 2_Skill2-Y 3_Skill3-X 3_Skill3-Y 4_Skill4-X 4_Skill4-Y 5_Skill5-X 5_Skill5-Y 30Same as above Take a screenshot of your skills without the cooldown.If you have a healing skill, then put it in a higher priority slot so the script will press heal as soon as the skill becomes available.World of Warcraft is famous for its party instances and seamless landscapes, providing one of the richest player experiences that RPG games have to offer.Your code should look like this when you delete all but two.If that's the case change direction and find another target the following variable is the amount of time to wait before you change target.

Let's say your 1_Skill1-X 100 and 1_Skill1-Y 200 from step.
Equip the weapon and a pop up will appear.
Find the lowest HP that your screen starts flashing red due to low.
Features, set the number of active weapon slots, set the number of active skill hot keys, auto resurrect after death, almost instantly switch target after a current target is killed., switch Target if your character gets stuck and/or is too far., auto Re-summon Eidolon.
This will give you an easy damage boost.If you have spare time, level those characters up to Level 100 to increase the Link Skill to Level 2 which provides additional benefit.The original of this script was all on one file and it was really slow, but had all the features listed below.Once you find the lowest HP, go to your Investigator and pick a green pixel from your HP bar that's a little above the lowest HP point.1 Now we can start.