Poker ev calculator software

poker ev calculator software

EV, short for expected value is the focus of every poker player.
Therefor 100 million hands are simulated and all downswings over this simulation are e first table shows the extents of downswings.
While the sample winnings have their scale on the right axis, the downswing tracker has its scale on the left axis.
Sounds like a great call to me!
Depending on the number of hands displayed, the extent and number of downswings may be underrepresented due to the resolution of the graph.This section will explain how the calculator works and what the numbers and charts mean.Fold Equity Calculator which is useful when trying to figure out how often villain needs to fold for your shoves to.Just enter your winrate, standard deviation and the amount of hands to simulate.If you find any inaccuracies or find any cool results, let me know in the comments below!The first number shows the absolute value, the second translates this number into BB/100, showing the impact on your winrate.So add 1200 to the first entry above.Poker Stars, party Poker 888 Poker, titan Poker, red Kings.It shows how often the simulated player was stuck in a downswing of at least X big blinds.In short, a play that is EV is expected to net us money over the long term while plays that are -EV are going to cost us money over the long term.It'll also calculate the expected winnings over the amount of hands.So add 50 to the third entry above.

Once you have entered the data, hit.
70 confidence interval : Your actual results over the simulated amount of hands will be within this interval 70 of the time.
Winner, william Hill iPoker Network, micro Gaming Network, revolution Poker.
Should you have any questions, encounter any errors or have ideas for improvements, please let me know.
Expected winnings : estimated winnings over the simulated amount of hands.The red area shows for any given point, how much the sample is currently away from its previous peak, meaning it tracks downswings.What you need to know about them is that at any given time your winnings will be within these intervals with a probability of 70 and 95 respectively.You can choose how many hands to simulate by moving the slider.PLO full ring: 100-140 BB/100, pLO 6-max: 120-160 BB/100 stat can be found in PokerTracker or HEM in BB / 100, number of hands to simulate.Standard deviation after, x hands : This number shows by how much your actual results will differ from the expected results on average.Calculate and the let the Calculator do its magic.We also have another tool called the.Here is a quick example of how you could use this calculator: On the river the pot is 700.