Ancient armor set bonus breath of the wild

Rubber Tights 3 Qukah Nata Shrine (East of Faron Tower) All items offer shock resistance, full set grants complete shock immunity.
Tunic of the Wild 4 Complete All Shrines Full set increases power of Master Sword beam attack.
Below we've listed every armor set and item in Zelda: botw, the location you can obtain them, and their sell price, added effects, upgrade requirements, and upgrade benefits.
When you upgrade it to level 2, the set bonus makes it so you cant be frozen at all.Dark Hood 3 Kilton's Monster Shop (After completing all four Divine Beast dungeons) Full set increases movement speed at night.Barbarian Helm 3 Tu Ka'loh Shrine Chest (Lomei Labyrinth Island in the far northeast Hyrule) All items offer increased attack power, full set lowers stamina required for a Charge Attack.To unlock a potential armor set bonus effect you first need to upgrade the entire set twice, so it becomes two star armor.Zora Armor 3 Defense, Swim Speed Up, main Quest: The Divine Beast Vah Ruta.Once upgraded to two star Zora set it offers an additional bonus, Swim Dash Stamina.To upgrade armor, you simply need to track down the Great Fairy Fountains and awaken the Great Fairies there - then they'll offer to upgrade your gear for you.Link needs to have both the Rupees and the other materials to purchase this armor set.Of course some of the armor sets in Breath of the Wild you wont be able to get for awhile (although you can get the Climbing Gear pretty quickly but its good to know whats out there.Upgrades: Level 1: Required Materials: 2 Diamonds, 3 Flint.Status Effect: Swim Speed Up, where to Get: The Jeweler in Gerudo Town (must bring Opal).

Zora Helm 3 Defense, Swim Speed Up, Swimming Spin Attack (Y in water).
For example, each item in the Flamebreaker armor set will grant one level of stackable no deposit casino bonus ireland heat resistance.
Gerudo Vai Armor Set, gerudo Veil, Gerudo Top, Gerudo Sirwal 1 Defense, main Quest: Forbidden City Entry (Gerudo Town) Set Bonus: Heat Resistant, no upgrade required Desert Voe Armor Set Desert Voe Headband, Desert Voe Spaulder, Desert Voe Trouers 3 Defense, Heat Resistance Gerudo Secret.Snowquill Set, the Snowquill set can be bought in the Rito Village at the Clothing Store.Hylian Trousers 3, hateno Village Shop or Chest East of Temple of Time.We show you how to get every armor set in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and its stats, bonuses, and added effects.Defense, location, set Bonus, hylian Hood 3, hateno Village Shop, none.All Regular Armor Sets Outfits - where to find all of them, what they.Sell Price: 25 rupees, status Effect: Heat Resistance, where to Get: The Jeweler in Gerudo Town (must bring Amber).Flamebreaker Helm 3 Goron City Shop All items offer stackable level one flame resistance, full set grants complete fire resistance.Posted March 9, 2017 by in, game Guides, The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Guides.For the armor sets that do have bonuses you need to upgrade them before the bonus is applied.Chest Armor Pieces Champion's Tunic Defense: 5 Sell Price: Cannot be sold Status Effect: Allows You to See Exact Enemy HP Where to Get: Acquired during the Captured Memories Main Quest Upgrades: Level 1: Required Materials: 3 Silent Princess Defense: 8 Level 2: Required Materials.

Upgrading the Champion Tunic in Zelda Breath Of The Wild requires a Shard Of Faroshs Horn.