Best in slot guardian druid 7 1 5

I will also link a picture of my UI for reference as to what I am talking about.
Along with a proper UI, keybinds can greatly improve player reaction time and decrease wasted time when utilizing abilities.
1 ) being the selfless healer method where you save it, NS, for an emergency, and 2) the selfish healer method where you use it whenever you can for raw healing throughput.
2018: Updated for Patch.Magma Totem A nice addition to nuking adds/trash if you have the mana.Again, bring them in quantities.However, if your raid has problems with tank healing, this method of healing is particularly beneficial.In these three situations casting LHW becomes the prudent option.There are some alternative options in there that exchange healing for MP5, or MP5 for healing, but, overall, the effect will be about the same.

If you do either of these builds correctly the difference will amount to almost nothing.
One of our two CDs aside from Mana Tide Totem.
Tauren: Tauren benefit from War Stomp in any spec as it has both PvE and PvP utility.Mirror mithril deposit cataclysm of Entwined Fate (King Rastakhan, Battle of Dazar'alor ).Resto Shaman are a key player in healing the tanks and melee.A common mistake many Shaman make is not refreshing their totems as they expire or as their party members out-range them.It is a deceptively small range.