Mount and blade warband bonus skill

mount and blade warband bonus skill

Path-finding edit Base Attribute: Intelligence Effect: Increases party map speed by 3 per level.
Personal skills: These skills don't stack.
Analysis edit The goal of the following analysis is to cesarski poker audiobook provide an accurate account of the effects of the athletic skill.
This skill allows you to continue using weapon proficiency points after you have passed the normal cap.First Aid edit Base Attribute: Intelligence Effect: Heroes regain 5 per level of hit-points lost during a particular battle.It is also useful during sieges and tournaments, where a horse might not be available.Note that this is added to a base rate.Note that the combined weight of your armor and equipment will reduce the speed bonus your Athletics skill grants.Wound Treatment Party Intelligence Each point adds 20 to your partys healing speed; it also increases the chance of crippled horses healing if they are in your inventory.

Maximum of 81 chance for troops to be knocked unconscious including the party bonus.
If your looting is 10, you will find more items with positive prefixes such as balanced, reinforced, or tempered.
Leadership Leader Charisma Increases maximum number of troops by 5, decreases troop wages by 5, increases party morale by 5 and decreases the chance that a recruited prisoner escapes.
Looting also increases the quality of the loot.
Contents, personal Skills sqi bonus ragnarok edit, these are skills you or a companion can possess.If the party leader (you) has these skills, a bonus to the skill is applied as per the table to the right.Finally, higher Power Draw makes powerful bows easier to use by improving your accuracy and the time you can keep your aim steady while the bow is drawn, though this cannot overcome having a low proficiency with bows.At level 1 the tracks indicate party movement, but little else.If you have a bow that requires Power Draw 2, you may have up to 6 points in this skill in order to add damage to your arrow.Spotting Party Intelligence Increases sight on the map by 10 per level.To acquire this data, a contributor performed a series of timing measurements from a specific point, A, to a different specific point, B, in the game world.Also used for persuading lords to rebel and reduce chances that recruited prisoners will run.Leader Skills edit These skills affect the party, but only if the person with these skills is the party leader.Ironflesh edit, base Attribute: Strength, effect: 2 HP per level.

Shooting from Horseback Personal Agility Reduces damage and accuracy penalties for shooting and throwing from horseback, and you will less frequently fall out of the saddle.
For instance, if you are level 30 and have 1 point in training and are training a level 1 recruit you will give 116 experience points to the recruit.