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Therell be more information about EVE Online: Invasion in the coming weeks, with a pink elephant казино refresh of EVE Updates coming soon, and full patch notes the week before release.
We cant wait to see how all New Edens capsuleers engage with the new content thats coming your way soon!
Keep your eyes on the news and dev blogs feeds if youd like to know more!
You wont have long to wait until it arrives, as it launches later this month on May 28th!
What will be the consequences?EVE Online: Invasion also brings further long-awaited updates to the war declaration system, building on changes that have been in progress since December and over the course of the last four releases, with improvements to mutual wars, as well as simplification to the cost.The Agency will see the return of the agent finder, as well as a visual overhaul to make activities, resource gathering and exploration clearer and more concise.Capsuleers across the cluster will be faced with an invasion on a scale the likes of which New Eden has never seen before, as the Triglavian threat becomes more real than ever.An overhaul of The Agency is also arriving with the Invasion expansion, with a focus on making content and activities in New Eden more discoverable and accessible to both new and established pilots alike.

Of course, EVE Online: Invasion will also contain a whole range of quality of life fixes and improvements too, with improvements to the station services user experience and interface, as well as balance pass for the Triglavian Damavik class frigate, and tweaks to Electronic Warfare.
In addition to an increase and ever expanding Triglavian threat, capsuleers can look forward to three all-new tech II Triglavian hulls: the Nergal class Assault Frigate, the Draugur class Command Destroyer and the Ikitursa class Heavy Assault Cruiser.
Were super excited to watch the landscape of New Eden take another step in its sixteen-year long evolution on May 28th.With new visuals, new content and new system-wide effects, the unpredictability and danger of abyssal deadspace is set to begin spilling into known space.Were delighted to announce EVEs next major expansion, EVE Online: Invasion!To round off balance changes, therell also be improvements to Tech II ammunition, allowing faction, storyline and officer weapons to utilize.If you'd like to discuss this devblog, feel free to head on over to the comments thread on the official forums!These will be accompanied by new mutaplasmid groups for Damage Controls, Assault Damage Controls and both Ancillary Shield and Armor repairers, adding even more tactical options to ship fitting in EVE.Parasite, eve 2 (ntsc-J) Fear Effect (ntsc-US).Diablo 3 EU/US/region free multi.Yakovenko also happens to be the winner of our Give With Your Heart deal, meaning we will give him triple the bonus points collected during his father s stay.Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - Terminal.There has never been a better moment to start playing.EVE, online A new player gets two bonus remaps and one regular one.#117 Od : Za Alfu Datum.

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