Quest chain third relic slot druid

Not great, but maybe a cool persist target.
1350 Instrument of stege poker spel the Bards Fochluchan Bandore (MIC 161, CArc 148) 2 to perform, 1 to fascinate, countersong, and suggestion, light 1/day, flare, mending, message 1/day.
Eyebite Good against weak opponents, bad against strong opponents.
Probably not worth getting, but my god its cool.Detect Magic Very strong.Well have Ify here shortly.Matt: Youre still on the outskirts of the room now, the only person whos really stepped in at this point are the two of them, youre kind of still in the back corner.As the second sunrise hits, you crest over the last of a large, hilly landscape, the high grass brushing past your boots as you push through these grasslands, and you see upon the fabled city of Rockmarr.If they succeed that omegle cam roulette roll, that is an epic fucking moment that youre all gonna remember, because that player pulled off that third -act amazing maneuver that completely changed the dynamic of the story and thats really what this game is all about.ZAC: I use my Darkvision to kind of see whats below.Marisha: Total boy scouts.You can start taking it at level 7, which is a good break point in the bard class, and it lets you pick up some spells from the wizard list, some extra spells per day, and a few other cool abilities.Also good if youre taking Lyric Spell.

Hes in there, thats deep!
IFY: Yeah, do some more of that fire stuff, its working, man!
If youre countersonging ever, this helps for a low cost.
Focused Performer (DrM338 p89) casino voodol This feat sucks.But recurring villains are a fun theme and generally up the experience more than just having a Big Bad every session that they go in and kill, get the loot and leave, you know, its fun to have that recurring element.No skill entry cost (because you almost certainly have 5 jump for the synergy) and you get a little extra move when needed as a swift action.Seeker of the Song (CA 56) Lose bardic spell progression, but pick up a lot of special bardic musics, plus the ability to combine bardic musics and activate musics as a swift action.Imagine that being the most important save?'Cause who knows whats coming next?Also counters some effects like Symbol of Pain (PHB).5 levels total, levels 2,3, and 4 improve spellcasting.Buffing is something the bard is always going to be good at (unless you actively work to make him bad at it).Matt: Its part of the fun.There are some racial limitations, but this seems worth looking at for any race that gets spell-like abilities.Core Only Builds In core only, if you want to build a bard, Bard 20 is the best choice, and its not close.(laughs) Engineering TPKs, well done.Liam: One, two where are the other three?