R access object slots

r access object slots

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Haley Acevedo, Ryden Butler, Josh.
Boost:signals2:expired_slot if any object in the tracked object list has expired.
Notes: If you have already used lock bonus odds to insure the tracked objects are valid, it is slightly more efficient to use the slot_function method and call the slot's SlotFunction directly.
Is it remiss of the developers to not have provided this?Returns: *this template typename ForeignWeakPtr slot track_foreign(const ForeignWeakPtr tracked_object, typename * sfinae 0 template typename ForeignSharedPtr slot track_foreign(const ForeignSharedPtr tracked_object, typename * sfinae 0 Effects: The track_foreign method behaves similarly to calling the track method with a boost:shared_ptr or boost:weak_ptr argument.I not only allow you to adapt the code to your need, but I want to encourage you to develop/adapt the code for your needs.I even recommend using read access to the slots of my class in time-critical situations (e.g.Class template slot boost:signals2:slot Pass slots as function arguments, and associate tracked objects with a slot.These are composed inherently of two coordinate line tracks or three-coordinate poly "rings".

Template typename Func, typename Arg1, typename Arg2,., typename ArgN slot(const Func f, const Arg1 a1, const Arg2 a2,., const ArgN aN Effects: Syntactic sugar for bind when the constructor is passed more than one argument.
Returns: The result returned by the slot's SlotFunction object.
In the case of passing another slot as the argument to track only the objects currently in the other slot's tracked object list are added to the tracked object list of this.
If you think about write access to a slot, you should really know what you are doing.
BCheckStart false end hidden_slots.It does so by applying a visitor to the incoming functors with boost:visit_each.The second argument "sfinae" may be ignored, it is used to resolve the overload between either shared_ptr or weak_ptr objects passed in as the first argument.I believed that this is probably caused by the network speed.Synopsis / In header: boost/signals2/slot.When tracking a signal, a shared_ptr internal to the signal class is used for tracking.Returns: *this slot slot function access slot_function_type slot_function const slot_function_type slot_function const; Returns: A reference to the slot's underlying SlotFunction object.How to get the coordinate of every vertex in every Polygon from every multi-branched SpatialPolygon?Does anyone know how to extract information in slots of listed objects using a loop and on the run generated variable/object names?No, the advantages very much outweigh the problems any particular user can see in hindsight.Bioconductor, iRanges object; after all there are start width and end accessors and start and width slots.Similar but deeper examples of divergence between interface and implementation are present in other S4 objects and in common S3 instances like the one returned by lm, where the data stored in the class is appropriate for subsequent calculation rather than tailored to represent the.For other shared_ptr classes, you must provide the specializations.Thinking a bit further along the philosophical line of this: my package is public under GPL.As if: slot(boost:bind(f, a1, a2,., aN) slot invocation result_type operator arg 0 :type a1, arg 1 type a2,., arg N-1 :type aN result_type operator arg 0 :type a1, arg 1 type a2,., arg N-1 :type aN) const; Effects: Calls the slot's SlotFunction object.