Rust casino plugin

LootConfig Allows you to adjust the server's loot list Dangerous Treasures Event with treasure chests.
Instant Craft Allows players to instantly craft items with features Inventory Viewer Allows players with permission all bonus objectives in gorgrond assigned to view anyone's inventory BGrade Auto update building blocks when placed VehicleManager Vehicle customization!
Select Totems Set a totem to respawn.VoteChecker Give rewards to users for voting on p t Reserved Name Reserve a nickname X by SteamID Y for Z amount of time RemoveClaim Remove the claim of the vehicle you're driving or remove your own claim.Magic vad finns det för spelutbud på nätcasino Description Adds dynamic information in the server description Furnace Splitter Splits up resources in furnaces automatically and shows useful furnace information Custom Loot Spawns Creates additional custom spawn points for loot boxes of your choosing VisualCupboard Allows Authorized Players to Visually See Building Privildge.Basic Core Hooks, advanced Hooks, rCON Support, download latest.Reserved Reserves a number of slots so that reserved players can connect.Vanish Allows players with permission to become truly invisible Crafting Controller Allows modification of crafting times and which items can be crafted Hunt rppg system with level, stats, skills and especializations Sign Artist Allows players with the appropriate permission to import images from the internet.

TurretConfig Customized turrets GatherControl Control gather rates by day and night with permissions JPipes Pipes that automatically transfer items between boxes, furnaces, turrets, quarries, etc.
You can now install/remove/switch vehicle attachments.
Enhanced Hammer Quickly upgrade your base!
Trade Allows players to trade items safely at a distance Tank Commander Drive tanks, shoot stuff Quick Sort Adds a GUI that allows players to quickly sort items into containers NoDecay Scales or disables decay of items Skins Allow players to change items skin with.RainOfFire Simulate a meteor strike using rockets falling from the sky Event Manager A versitile arena event plugin Heli Ride Allows players to fly the Patrol Helicopter Building Grades Allows admins to easily upgrade or downgrade an entire building Stack Size Controller Allows you.MagicChat An alternative chat system for HurtWorld.PlayerManager GUI-based player manager Factions A Faction system with Leaders, Taxes, Trades, Ranks, Kill Rewards, and more!Do not use on a production server!FriendlyFire Disables friendly fire for Rust:IO friends GuessTheNumber An event that requires player to guess the correct number BoxLooters AntiCheat Log looters for a containers Bloodtrail Leaves a Bloodtrail behind players while bleeding Ingame Clock GUI Displays ingame and server time SmoothRestart Quit'ter with realtime.PermissionsManager GUI manager for player and group permissions kdrgui GUI that portrays kills, deaths, player name, and K/D Ratio Portals Create portals and feel like in Star Trek Easy Airdrop Call airdrops using simple commands GunGame GunGame event for EventManager Raid Tracker Add tracking devices.NightVision See at night PlayerChallenges Keep track of various statistics and set titles to players when certain criteria have been met or when they are a leader of a challenge category CustomAnimalSpawns Create additional spawn points for animals of your choosing, that re-spawn.GiveItem Gives an item to anyone or everyone DoorControl Open and close all doors betsafe bonus krav or within a specific distance Stake Authorizer Auth/deauth yourself for every stake SpawnConfig Change values of the different spawners LootConfig Adjust loot list Vote Start a Yes or No vote RollTheDice.Development builds may be unstable and are likely to have issues.CupboardRadius Fix for Facepunch treating modded servers like second class citizens.Godmode Allows players with permission to be invulerable and god-like Image Library Plugin API for downloading and managing images Admin Radar Radar tool for Admins and Developers.Guiannouncements Creates announcements with custom messages by command across the top of every player's screen in a banner.NoEscape Prevent commands/actions while raid and/or combat is occuring PrivateMessage Allows users to chat privately with each other StartProtection Give people some leeway when they first join the game.ClearInventory Clear the inventory of any player NoClone Automatic kicking of players with duplicate names.