Sqi bonuses

They can vary from normal monster loots, MvP drops, cards, etc.
10 Ranged Damage Reduction.
VIT 5, INT 3, STR 3, mdef.10 aspd 15 crit 20 more damage with Critical Hits.20 Cast Time Reduction.15 Cast Time Reduction.

The range is from 500 for Tier 1 PFC and SPC enlisting for 12 to 23 months all the way up to 72,000 for a Tier 10 SSG/SFC enlisting for 60 months or more.
10 INT 10 more damage with Critical Hits.
15 DEX 15 crit 15 LUK Enables use of Charge Attack Level 1, 30 Cast Reduction with Charge Attack.Once you've made it on a character slot in the game account, that particular slot won't be able to make another Class Specific SQIs regardless of whether you delete sas eurobonus hotellit and replace, get a name change, sex change, class change the character.You'll also need to be base level 90 before the Valhalla NPCs allow you to make one (Class Specific SQIs).Item Class : 1-Handed staff Attack Strength : 225 Weight : 150 Weapon Level : 4 Required Level : None Available Jobs : Soul Linker Ingredients Bonuses 20 HP and.Inscribed with the image of the Goddess of Death, its true purpose is to protect and preserve life.15 MHP Enable use of Safety Wall Level.40 more damage with Claymore Trap and Blast Mine.50 matk 30 Stone Curse and Freeze Resistance.Navy Selective Reenlistment Bonus, air Force Selective Reenlistment Bonus, the SRB for the Air Force is determined by Air Force specialty code, skill level or CEM code, and zone (length of service) for reenlistments of three years or more.Reflect Shield on Knight Link.As far as the old players are concerned, the ones who left on a hiatus and came back to a very much different server, ask this question "What happened to our SQIs?!".Contents, introduction, super Quest Items (SQIs) are probably the most customised items on TalonRO.STR 5, DEX 5, AGI.DEX 10, aspd.